A new design makes PortaBaby™ even safer | Safe Baby Bed Design | CAMP BABY

The features of the PortaBaby™ just keep getting better. CAMP BABY design every element of danger out of our beds. We provide you with the safest baby bed on the market.

The CAMP BABY “Black Rock” PortaBaby™ sporting the new safe closure detail

By incorporating the finest organic cotton from France, CAMP BABY have also integrated an OEKOTEX100 certified waterproof layer in order to prevent any liquid soaking through and to provide protection from dust mites and microbial matter such as mould.

By removing any long cords or straps, the PortaBaby™ reduces the risk of choking hazards
Even when left open, the CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ closure detail can also be used by baby as a teething toy

By combining fabric technology, safe design and stylish, hand made finishes, CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ is a secure portable bed which serves various functions.

Hand made, combining the best fabrics with the safest design, CAMP BABY is detailed and superior quality


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