“Symbiosis- Organics and Chemistry Together”

CAMP BABY™ was established as a ‘safety-first’ innovative Bedding and Manchester Manufacturing Company for Infants (Newborn – Toddlers) through to Adults. Combining state-of-the-art fabrics, innovative design and new construction methods based on best industry practices, we saw these key differentiating factors as essential to creating an exciting range of products that provide “Comfort Safely”.

Here at CAMP BABY™, we are compelled to create Comfort in Safety for all of our Customers. 

Armed with this in mind, the CAMP BABY™ team have been successful in creating an innovative and unique product range from Day Beds and Camping Beds, Clothing to Accessories – used by active Parents and Children who consider quality and safety as well as aesthetics.


We stand by our products so that you, our Client, stand by us. CAMP BABY™ utilizes quality-assured design and management procedures and have secured a stable, world-class supply chain. These structural advantages, combined with conscientious  design, ensure the quality of our product which helps to assure your satisfaction.

If, by any rare chance, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will refund or replace your products in line with our terms and conditions of sale.

The CAMP BABY™ logo

With the CAMP BABY™ logo being derived from the infamous font shown on the Timber sign at “Camp David”, the US Presidents’ retreat, our philosophy is that everyone should have the capability to escape to a ‘presidential retreat‘ and the ability to Sleep Anywhere™.

And if we can help to provide you and your family with our comfort-designed enhancements to assure that this is achievable, we have succeeded.