CAMP BABY Organic Cotton Slippers

CAMP BABY, being committed to constantly adding more value and items of comfort, have released our House Shoe or Slipper, made for indoor use. Made from our selection of certified organic fabrics, grown in Normandy, France, we have created a new and superior feel to the traditional slipper or “house-shoe”. As a play-on-words, we at CAMP BABY have a nickname for the CAMP BABY house shoe: “Hueys”.

Being waterproof on the sole, and non-slip, our CAMP BABY Hueys will provide an instant level of comfort once slipping your feet into the soft organic fabrics. And as there are no hard soles, the cushioning effect provided by our organic cotton filling gives you a surprising amount of support whilst forming to the shape of your feet.

The CAMP BABY “Soho” House Shoe or Slipper is made with a waterproofed organic cotton sole combined with certified organic upper

Available in four stylish colour combinations, with a version for winter and summer, we have your feet covered™

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