The NAPTIME™ Portable Toddler Day Bed

CAMP BABY™ NAPTIME “Pioneertown” Travel Bed

Portable, Durable and Water Resistant

As with the CAMP BABY™ Sunlounger™ range, the NAPTIME™  Toddler School Day Bed is made from  beautiful 100% Organic Cotton. We have a selection of world-class organic fabrics which we use to complete our innovative and original day bed designs. The NAPTIME™ is no exception. Sized at 1520m long and 550mm wide, the Naptime Portable Toddler Day Bed has ample size for large children.

Soothing to the touch, our Organic Cotton mattresses are also water resistant so that when any mistakes happen, the Naptime™ Portable Toddler Day Bed is easily dried so that Naptime can resume™.

The CAMP BABY™ NAPTIME™ Portable Toddler Day Bed is perfect for Preschool and Kindergartens, Day Care Centres or at home in the lounge room. Made from our 100% Organic French-sourced Cotton, Canvas and Denims the CAMP BABY NAPTIME™ is finely finished in durable hardwearing fabrics that are all 100% organic.

The NAPTIME™ also functions as a camping bed as a stand-alone product but can also can be used as a hypoallergenic mattress topping with in built mattress protection as we have integrated layers of waterproofed 100% Organic Jersey to cover the internal 100% Organic Mattress material (wadding).

Great for children with dermatological sensitivities, asthma, eczema, dermatitis, sleeping disorders like sleep apneoa, etc. The design of our beds allows for increased airflow under your body.

Manufactured from certified organics and combined with the very best synthetic Oeko-Tex 100 certified polyurethane coating, our products are still 99% organic by volume. Nature and Synthetics together.

NAPTIME™ Dimensions: 1520mm x 30mm x 550mm