The PortaBaby Baby Portable Day Bed


The PortaBaby Baby Portable Day Bed from CAMP BABY™ offers the most advanced baby nest on the market. Our Patent Pending mattress design ensures an increase in air flow around Baby’s face by creating a mattress that provides plushness whilst passing Baby Mattress Firmness testing.

The CAMP BABY design team have created a SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)-safe solution. CAMP BABY have focussed on developing and manufacturing a product that provides a perfect blend of 100% French-grown Organic Cotton and, one of the strictest manufacturing/ environmental standards, Oeko-tex 100 certified Polyurethane.

Hypoallergenic in nature, the PortaBaby Baby Day Bed will be especially beneficial for babies with dermatological conditions, eczema, asthma and allergies.

Our PortaBaby Portable Baby Day Bed will serve from the ages of 0 through to around 36+ months and is available in many styles.

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Hand made, combining the best fabrics with the safest design, CAMP BABY is detailed and superior quality