The CAMP BABY Sunlounger Portable Adult Bed




Highly versatile, the CAMP BABY Sunlounger Day Bed can be used as a stacamp-baby-bondi-beach-sunloungernd-alone product at the beach, park or any outdoor event. On top of this, it can also retrofit any sun lounge acting as a very comfortable, quick drying and extremely durable cushion topping in its mobile form, but if you send us your sun lounge dimensions and we’ll customise a Sunlounger for you.

As with all of CAMP BABY Patent Pending quad-core Water Resistant Mattresses, which utilizes a specifically designed Oeko-tex PUL waterproofed 100% Organic Cotton, this unique technology allows CAMP BABY Sunlounger Beach Day Beds to have a extremely quick drying outer. Any water trying to penetrate is stopped by our barrier of waterproofed Organic Cotton. And of course, being 100% Organic Cotton, The Sunlounger will stay soft, ventilated and cool to the touch even in full sun.